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Portland, OR

Our mission is to drive personal development and create healthy, active lifestyles for youth through surfing.

First Outpost launched in Neah Bay!


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First Outpost launched in Neah Bay!

Abigail McCarthy

            Since our first Warm Current camp in 2010 we’ve run over 50 surf camps, worked with more than 500 kids, and had an immeasurable amount of fun. We've been lucky enough to run 12 camps with the Makah Tribe at Hobuck, and have had dozens of kids come back year after year totally excited about surfing, the ocean, and being outside. They don't care if the wind is whipping a brisk 25 knots and it's raining sideways, they are stoked!

            One of the goals we set for ourselves during our first 9 years was to set up outposts in communities to give local volunteers a way to own surfing in their communities. We’ve partnered with the Makah people since day one in Washington, and we’ve been lucky enough to be welcomed into Neah Bay not just by the kids learning to surf but by their families as well. The warm and depth of the Makah community has blown us away- where else would a busy mom make salmon dinner and bring it to us during a spring rainstorm?! This made Neah Bay and the Makah tribe a natural choice for the first Warm Current Outpost. Steve at Hobuck Beach Resort volunteered to allow us to keep the Outpost gear on site, and his right hand woman Jen keeps it organized and accessible. We launched the outpost this fall with one of the biggest camps we’ve ever had at Hobuck- 50 kids and tons of waves! Thanks so much to Trina Packard for the photos. 

            After fundraising to buy the gear for the Makah Tribe,  which we completed in 2015, we then worked with the Makah community and a local architect to design, fund, and build a "surf shack" to store the gear and keep it accessible. Together we built a beautiful structure with cedar siding milled and cut in the Makah HS shop teacher's own mill (Thanks Paco!!) and a huge amount of labor by our fantastic volunteers and board members.